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Glass Pipe

Glass PipeThe age of mass manufacturing has increased the value of handcrafted authenticity, and glass blowing is a perfect example of this. This smoke shop carries on a practice that dates back to ancient times, and the beautiful glass art that the artist creates can testify to the quality of this method.

Glass pipes and hookahs are created by using a tube through which the artisan’s breath is applied to a mass of molten glass. The resulting air bubble can be shaped by the blower, resulting in the finished product. This leaves the freedom to create a completely unique glass pipe.

At The Smoke Shop we have a wide display of some of these locally, handcrafted tobacco pipes of all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re looking for a simple small one that is easy to carry or one with bigger assets, you are sure to find your ideal tobacco pipe here at our vape shop.

If you are looking for unique glass pipes, you should check out our hookah shop, The Smoke Shop, in Geneva, NY. We also offer tobacco, equipment for hydroponics and other smoking accessories.